Our vision is to inspire working parents and make “flexibility” part of every job description.

Founder & CEO, Irina Lunina

This is me with my daughter Aurora

Thank you for stopping by. Let me introduce myself. My name is Irina Lunina, I worked on Wall Street for over 14 years and spend the last 4 years as a Managing Director at Nasdaq. I had a very successful career, but then I had a baby and things changed. The companies who employ senior level executives in corporate world, especially women, who are first time mothers don’t recognize or adapt to their changed world when baby arrives, so you have to make a pivot in your career most of the time.

The sense of security is out of the window since you feel that being a mother is the most important job and you need to make sacrifices.

Everything changes when your baby arrives: there is no  “me time”, you can’t just jump on the plane and go to the conference, you can’t just go and get your nails done before meeting with the client, you can’t just listen to Spotify while having a cup of coffee. I wanted to see if I could do a job with flexible schedule working only 25-30 hours a week.

I could not find a platform that matches parents and their availability with employers offering flexible schedule, so I decided to create one. Now, I find myself running a start up, running after 22 month old while building MVP (minimum viable product) to bring to the market. My daily routine starts at 5:45am when my daughter wakes up and I finish at 12:00am. I am not siting at the desk all day, rushing through lunch, working overtime; now I do three times more but I love every moment of it since I am doing it on my schedule.

Lets get started:

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Employees – If you are trying to find a flexible job, please visit our section dedicated to it and create your profile.
Employers – If you are an employer looking for qualified talent, please visit our employer section to create your profile and post a job.

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Employees – We will start submitting your resume to the applicable jobs and for each we would be sending you a job description.
Employers – We will start sending you all relevant pre-qualified matches.

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Employees – Once you agree that the job is a match, we will set up an interview with you and your potential employer.
Employers – You are able to interview and select top candidates for your postilion.

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Employees – Get an offer! Start with your new career and enjoy the benefits of flexibility.
Employers – Make an offer! Grow your team and business, increase loyalty and retention with hiring on a flexible schedule.